Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Keeping track

So, I have been horrible at posting what we do! I am trying to keep track in the notebook, but so much that we do cannot be written down.

We do so much important stuff every single day. Both girls benefit from having a little brother that they are expected to help with often.

This is a copy and past from our normal blog:

So, we have been pretty busy with life! 

This past weekend Zariah and I alone, cut up enough apples for 2 pies and 35 quarts of applesauce. I canned it all by myself too! The apples are organic. I bought three bushels at Whitaker market. We made some very delicious apple pie and shared one with the neighbors.

Zariah had her last soccer game of the season. They tied the game, and they played hard!

Last week, we did a clay craft. We took a fall leaf, rolled it into some clay and put it in a bowl to try. Once dried, we painted pretty fall colors, then spray painted them with gold. They turned out ok, it was fun to make them and that is what matters. Someone broke mine today...kind of sad.

Today, we did not do "official" school stuff. Instead, we did fun fall stuff. We carved pumpkins, roasted some seeds, made caramel apples and just enjoyed our day. 

I felt like my kids did earn a break in their normal 6 days a week school schedule. Zarina completed 53 math problems on her 5 minute timed math test...there are only 50 problems on a page!(she started a new sheet ) look like we need to make the problems harder!

Zariah is doing multiplication! She also (after several attempts) learned how to round to the nearest hundreds place. For some reason, this stumped her...but we got it! We are now working on longer addition and subtraction. 

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