Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A little behind-but over a week in!!

So, we stared school about 1 1/2 weeks ago!! We are still trucking along. I am trying to establish some kind of a schedule for the kids. The baby still determines how smoothly our school day will start. I will have to grab the work sheets to go into detail on what we have accomplished thus far, but to sum it up:

Zarina's daily schedule looks a bit like this:
Math facts (10-15 problems) work sheet. Addition she does great with, subtraction gives her some trouble.
Math facts flash cards. These are done on an "honor system", the child is to look at the problem, know the answer and set aside. If the answer is not known quickly, check the answer on the back, and set aside to come back to. We keep track of how long it takes to "know the facts".
Penmanship practice-this includes copy words or letters and numbers that are preprinted. We will be moving on to copying parts from books soon.
Reading-I have a first readers book that Zarina sounds out words and reads to me, she will be starting the McGuffey readers shortly!!
After all of this is done, she is to play outside, entertain her brother, feed the chickens, help with house chores, and just be a kid. She is doing "life skills," "health," and many other "required" classes without even knowing it. Simple play in the sandbox always has her bringing bugs of some sort in for me to see. She also loves to go get a green bean or tomato to snack on from the garden. All in all, I feel she is getting more out of our one week of homeschooling than she could get in the brick building down the road.

Zariah's daily schedule so far:
Math facts math sheet. This includes addition and subtraction. Some single digit math, some double digit. We keep track of how long it takes as well. She then does quit a few math facts cards as well, I think this morning she is doing 75-80 of them. We keep track of how long they take to complete, and she is to do the same as Zarina in that if she does not know the answer right away-check answer on back and set aside for later.
After Math, Zariah does copy work. Lately, we are doing cursive pages (2-4). She then copies out of her current reading book (McGuffey's first Primer and the moment). I check these for errors and if there is an error she rewrites it. After writing work is finished she reads. Now, today is the first day we are adding something new! We went to the Dollar Tree last night and picked up a word find book. Zariah looks up the word in the dictionary (kids version) and is starting a "vocabulary" notebook, she writes the definition in the notebook, and then finds the word in the puzzle. This way, she is enjoying looking the words up, and learning more than she would by just finding the word in the puzzle.
After she has done her reading, writing, and math-she is free to explore and do life skills. We also have soccer practice during the week, and will have a soccer game every Saturday morning for the next 8 weeks or so. Zariah spends time helping with the dogs, chickens, and her brother. She is a great help in the kitchen with prepping veggies for dinner as well.

I want my children to have LIFE skills. I am not sure how they word all of this for school in traditional settings. I know I do not have all of the skills I want my children to possess. As an adult, you should know how to prepare a healthy meal that does not come from a box, how to clean clothing, how to balance a check book, how to care for sick family members and so much more! My children will learn these things, while still having plenty of time to be kids!
I do not know how many times Zariah came home from public school last year saying they watched a movie, or had ice cream days, I swear the teachers gave out candy on a daily basis! I do not like rewarding children with food-especially candy or treats. I know a treat is special, but I do not feel giving them junk for doing good work is productive at all. My children respect me, they know what is expected, and just getting to go play outside is reward enough to get their school work done quickly and correctly!
So, over a week in, and I know we made the right decision!!

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